Fire Wife In Training

When Hubs became a firefighter he bought a (ridiculously expensive) scanner so that he could listen when he was off and so that I could know what was going on and that he was safe while he was on shift. I did not think we needed it but have since grown pretty fond of it and even got angry when he took it to his 2nd job with him one day last week. Well today I was on the phone in the back of the house and then walked into the kitchen (where I keep the scanner) to hear a firefighter trapped in a house and yelling for help. I of course start freaking out, text Hubs, max out the volume on the scanner and check facebook repeatedly trying to get some sort of info on the situation. After what seemed like forever I hear someone say they had the patient at the bottom of the stairs and then nothing more so I start to calm down and resume my day as I wait to hear back from Hubs. Come to find out (thank God) it was a training exercise and no one was ever in danger. That was the scariest and most emotionally draining hour and a half of my life. I know that it was a training exercise meant for the guys but it did a number on this fire wife too. I now have a whole new understanding of what it takes to be a firefighter’s wife and as scary and awful as that was I am even more proud to be one.


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