A Refreshing Summer Mojito . . . For The Kiddos

No matter how carefully I plan out my grocery list, we always end up scrounging around the last couple of days for meal ideas, drinks, etc. So being one day before grocery day, we were a little short on drink variety and I decided to try out a recipe I had happened across when looking through blogs one day – a virgin mojito slush. My mint plants are beautiful and full this year and it just so happened that lemonade was the drink of the day so I thought it sounded like the perfect drink to try! I let the girls pick their own mint leaves and throw them into the blender (the two year old picked leaves off of one of my rose bushes but I was able to keep those out of our drink). Now I did change up a few things, such as honey instead of sugar and extra lemonade instead of seltzer, but that was simply because, as I said before, it was the day before grocery shopping. I also had some frozen berries so I threw those in as well. I was a little nervous to take the first taste but it was delish and super refreshing! My girls loved it so much that they each had two cups of it!



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