Daddy Love

My kids absolutely adore their daddy and it absolutely melts my heart. He was gone for 33 hours (working both jobs back to back) and the excitement in my two year old’s face when he got home was priceless. And not only that, when she woke up from her nap and realized that he was still home, she went through the excitement all over again! I loved it! Now my point of writing this is not simply to express the happiness I feel watching my daughter light up every time she hears the garage door. My husband is an amazing father, a wonderful husband, and a dedicated fire fighter so it’s a given that my kids would be excited when he comes home after working such long hours. My point in writing this is that I feel that it’s my job as a mother to make sure my children continue to feel that overwhelming joy. I see all too often moms who continually bash their husband in front of their children and it just breaks my heart. Now don’t get me wrong, I do get mad at my husband just like everyone else and I even slip sometimes and yell at him in front of the children. However, I make a point to NEVER talk bad about him to our kids. No matter what I’m feeling or how angry I am, he is their dad and a damn good one at that. Every little girl and every little boy needs a hero and what better man for the job than their daddy?


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