This House Is A Mess! Again!



This could not be more true! I wear myself out on a daily basis trying to stay caught up on laundry and cleaning! I’m scared to think of how much worse it’s going to be when my little guy becomes mobile!

It’s fairly easy to get my 3 1/2 yr old to pick up her toys and make her bed each day. However, my stubborn, speech delayed two year old is another story!

One thing they both respond to, however, is earning shopping money. I know there are several different opinions on this but here is mine – our entire adult life is spent working so that we can earn money to buy things, pay bills etc so why not start preparing them now to be responsible adults?

My 3 yr old responds well to specific tasks such as “Pick up all of your play dishes and put them in your kitchen” while my 2 yr old responds better to getting a plastic shopping bag to fill and bring to me. They each get a coin for their efforts that they can put in their money jar (decorated baby food jars). About once a month they get to go to Dollar Tree with their money, pick out what they want, and pay for it themselves.


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