Babydolls Are Not For Brainwashing!

I am not one to publicly rant very often but I read an article tonight that really got to me. The article was about the super bowl commercial for GoldieBlox. The company and the toys seem really great and I would totally buy them for my girls as well as for my little boy. What made me angry was a specific paragraph in the article – “She’s filling a need so many parents have for toys that encourage girls to think. Girls are taught to be nurturing, to be mommy, to be a homemaker or to be the sexy girlfriend. They’re sold pastels and pink, this girlie cliche of what it means to be female. It’s either hyper-sexual dolls like Monster High or Bratz or toy brooms and irons. It’s a form of subtle but inescapable brainwashing.”

First of all, girls have never been limited to “the pink isle” at the store. My girls have always had their own tools, cars, balls and blocks.

Second of all, the GoldieBlox toys are pastel and pink!!

Third of all being a nurturing mommy or a homemaker does not amount to not thinking. As a stay at home mom this part irritated me more than anything. Running a home and raising children requires a vast amount of thinking and knowledge as well as hard work. Also encouraging and teaching a girl how to be a nurturing mother and how to run a house is vital to her future as a successful adult whether she chooses a career outside of the home or not. It is not brainwashing her against thinking for herself.

I can honestly say that despite the toy isle’s separation of toys preferred by boys and toys preferred by girls, my daughters both play princesses, mommies, pirates, doctors, police officers, fire fighters, race car drivers, etc on a daily basis right along with running around “fixing” things with their tools and breast feeding their baby dolls. Pink toys have yet to brain wash them.


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