The Beginning of Our Journey

So through all of the bumps in the road we have with Miss Rae I have read numerous blogs and have felt very comforted by reading other mom’s similar stories . . . so I thought I would start blogging as we go and maybe my blog will help someone down the road?

Here is a little back story. When she was 1 1/2 I took her to an eval at Sooner Start. They told me to bring her back in 6 months. At her 2 year eval they told be she was 30% delayed and that they needed a 50% delay so to bring her back in 6 more months. At this point I asked her doctor for a referral for a different therapy center but I got more of a story of her family member who talked late too instead of help. So we switched doctors and were immediately referred to do a speech eval and she qualified for therapy right away with highly suspected speech apraxia. It took a month for insurance to approve the eval and another month for them to approve the therapy but even just 4 sessions in I feel so optimistic. She absolutely loves her speech pathologist and gets so excited to go see her every week!

And to go even deeper into how amazing her speech pathologist is . . .

Along with speech problems, Miss Rae also has a lot of other issues including trouble sleeping (which she is on melatonin for), horrible abusive melt downs that last an hour at least, touch issues shutting down in stressful situations, etc. Her doctor referred her to a neurologist to see if the shutting down was seizure related (no seizure activity was found) and then referred her to psychiatry for the melt downs. After searching and searching no one will take our private insurance so my dad has found a child study center that we are currently working on getting into. After talking to her speech pathologist I have also done a lot of research about sensory processing disorder. I asked her doctors office for a referral to occupational therapy for an eval to see if maybe that is the root of all of this but was denied since we have the referral to the study center and her physical development is all on track. So I called OT on my own since it is in the same therapy center as her speech and they were able to talk to her speech pathologist who gave me a sensory questionnaire to fill out today and then returned it to OT for me.


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