Easter Cookies!

Every holiday my husband’s family gets together to celebrate and everyone brings a dish. I pretty much stick to desserts and lately I have been doing sugar cookies! The first time I did them was for Thanksgiving and went on a pinterest search for the best tutorials. I stumbled on a blog called The Sweet Adventures of  Sugarbelle and was so glad I did! Her tutorials are so fantastic that I saved them to my evernote and reference them every time I make cookies. You can view her delicious cookie recipe here and her wonderful icing recipe here. I also suggest reading her post on needed decorating supplies and her post on coloring and preparing royal icing! I am telling you she will make you feel like a cookie pro!

My Thanksgiving and Christmas cookies took me about three days to finish and I followed step by step instructions. This time I was able to browse pinterest for ideas, combine those ideas into my own ideas, and then create my own list of which colors and designs to do first, second, etc.


I made my dough according to the recipe linked above but I prefer to hand mix it. I have no reason and it may be wrong I just enjoy doing it!



Then came rolling it out and cutting the cookies . . . and keeping my girls hands off of it!

DSC_3542  DSC_3545



After a morning of baking I took the rest of the day off to take Miss Mae to her dance class.

The next morning I started the icing and mixed my colors . . . it’s so yummy even I can’t help licking the spoon!

DSC_3547  DSC_3551

Then came the decorating! I didn’t show everything through my pictures but because I was making four different designs I wrote out my steps on paper. I started with the pink icing and did the bunny ears and egg shells but kept the pink for the bunny noses. I then did the white bunnies and sheep and a few white egg shells.


DSC_3552 DSC_3554

I let that set for a little while and then came back through with the white to do the bunny cheeks and sheep swirls. Then came the first set of carrot leaves. After I had done the first set on each carrot cookie I went back through and added the next two leaves. Then I mixed up the yellow and orange icing and did the baby chicks and orange part of the carrots. After I finished the orange of the carrots I went back and did the orange beaks on the baby chicks. I guess I got so excited that I forgot to photograph that part!



Then came time to do the sheep! I mixed up some black icing and made their little faces!

DSC_3560  DSC_3561

The eyes and polka dots were sprinkles I have picked up here and there and decided to use last minute haha!

So here is my final product! Excuse the poor photography! Maybe I need to stick to photographing people . . . or maybe I need to read this post about photographing cookies! Haha!! 



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