About Me


I am a christian. I am a real mom. I am not perfect. I am not a super mom. I do not always play by the rules. I love my life and I love to write so I have started this blog.

In a nutshell I am simply a mom, a fire wife, a christian, a part time photographer, and an aspiring runner. Of course there are many other hats I wear and I’m sure they will all make their way into the blog.

Want to know more? I have been with my husband for ten years and married for five of them. In 2012 he became a fire fighter. My oldest daughter, Miss Mae, is four and is my dramatic little princess. My middle child, Miss Rae, is two and as spunky as they come. She has suspected speech apraxia and sensory processing disorder. My youngest, Baby J, is one mischievous little boy. In 2010 I began a new adventure in photography and have been passionate about it ever since. At the beginning of this year I began training to run a 5k and since then, running has also become an important part of my life.

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