Baby step by baby step . . . We are getting there!


Looking back at my last post about our journey with SPD and speech apraxia I am so happy to say that we have come so far in just 4 months! Shortly after my last post we were able to get her in a school that provides a class for 3 year olds with speech problems once a week. Her teacher is very good with apraxia and also very familiar with SPD so it has been an amazing experience for all of us! She has made new friends and loves getting to go to school like her sister! Her speech has also completely blossomed! She speaks in sentences all of the time now. She still struggles with several sounds but she is able to be understood by more than just momma now!

We are finally established in OT and while it is a very slow process we are seeing tiny improvements each week/month. The amount of meltdowns has decreased a lot, we are learning new ways to both avoid and diffuse them, and we have started using stricter routines and essential oils. Her OT is also trying a listening therapy program with her that would help with both her speech and sensory challenges.

We have also seen amazing results from seeing our LPC. She has experience with our daughter’s challenges and has really helped equip me with ways to handle her and general family life.

All in all we still have a long journey but we have found the right roads to travel and we are already so far from where we started.


Baby Steps are Tiring

Back in February I wrote about my middle child and some of her sensory and speech problems (here and here). Although we are a little farther than we were then, I still feel like we are going nowhere fast. It took us almost 6 months to get an official OT evaluation and now we sit on a waiting list with no idea of how long we will be waiting. On a happy note, she is still getting speech once a week and we have seen a huge improvement since that started. She has gone from simple “mama” “dada” to 4+ word sentences in the past 6 months (Example- “Ma eep buh buh-ya” meaning that she wants to eat bread and butter). But some sentences are easier to understand than others so with that has come continued frustration when we don’t understand her and she is starting to get stuck on words and repeat them several times before continuing with her sentence. We saw a psychologist last month to rule out autism and she while she was cleared with no signs of autism at all she was diagnosed with unspecified disruptive behavior disorder on top of the SPD and apraxia. Now we go tonight to meet with a LPC about behavior therapy as well as parent therapy.  The psychologist who did the autism screening also recommended looking into a 3 year old pre-k program for developmental delay so we took the first step towards that this morning with a hearing and vision screening. She completely shut down so they were not able to complete either screening so I’m hoping we are still able to move forward smoothly. I know we are in fact moving forward on everything but sometimes it just really feels like we are doing nothing more than running in place.