I Am Woman Wednesday – Reshaping The Mom Bod Progress

What better way to start I Am Woman Wednesday than with a look back at how far I have come in a year?!?

We took family pictures on Easter and it had me browsing back through past photos. I stumbled across our first family pictures after my son was born (he was about 10 weeks old). They were takenĀ almost exactly a year ago so I had to do a side by side. Keep in mind that I wasn’t even 3 months postpartum yet and that my progress has been a combination of diet and exercise along with 14 months of breastfeeding and now three weeks of plexus. Just seeing the progress has given me new motivation to keep going and get to my goal body so I had to share! Even when you think you aren’t getting anywhere . . . you are!



And because I Am Woman Wednesday is about being a strong woman, I am coming back from an injury this week and feel super excited to say that I have gotten 3 miles in this week so far after two weeks of taking it easy! My goal is to do my next 5k (in less than two weeks) in 30 minutes so I am working on getting a 10 min mile down. Yesterday I was able to do a mile in 11 min 30 sec on the treadmill so I will keep working hard and pushing for it!