God Works In Mysterious Ways

I was browsing through my Facebook the other night while working on my photography blog and I saw that a friend of mine, who recently lost her husband in the war, had posted a video. I stopped and watched it and was in tears half way through. When I saw that the video was produced by Billy Graham I just smiled. I grew up with Billy Graham on my TV and always thought he was an amazing and admirable man of God. Even knowing that, this video just blew me away.

I am a Christian but not always a very good one. I want to read my Bible every day but rarely do, sometimes my nighttime prayers are sleepy and repetitive and I fall asleep before I finish them, I think and talk bad about people, I hold grudges and do spiteful things, I want to be heavily involved in my church  but can’t even make it to Sunday service more than 5 times a year. I guess you can say that I know and love my God but my dedication and follow through are a bit lacking.

Sitting in Easter service this past weekend really had me thinking about the fact that if we could manage to get to church that day on time and with a smooth morning we could probably do it almost every weekend. Our church offers a Saturday evening service as well so there is really no excuse short of being sick or out of town all weekend. The feeling of ending the last week and starting the new week in church is something that I have missed tremendously. Nothing can renew your spirit and get you ready to take on a new week like church can.

This video took those thoughts and drove them home. Our God is a great and wonderful and powerful God and did the unthinkable for us. I need to do what it takes to devote my life to him and his purpose for me and to show my children what it looks like to serve God faithfully.

God is who makes my imperfections perfect and who allows me to know that it is okay to be me and not a perfect wife, mother, or Christian. God loves the perfectly imperfect me unconditionally.



Fire Wife In Training

When Hubs became a firefighter he bought a (ridiculously expensive) scanner so that he could listen when he was off and so that I could know what was going on and that he was safe while he was on shift. I did not think we needed it but have since grown pretty fond of it and even got angry when he took it to his 2nd job with him one day last week. Well today I was on the phone in the back of the house and then walked into the kitchen (where I keep the scanner) to hear a firefighter trapped in a house and yelling for help. I of course start freaking out, text Hubs, max out the volume on the scanner and check facebook repeatedly trying to get some sort of info on the situation. After what seemed like forever I hear someone say they had the patient at the bottom of the stairs and then nothing more so I start to calm down and resume my day as I wait to hear back from Hubs. Come to find out (thank God) it was a training exercise and no one was ever in danger. That was the scariest and most emotionally draining hour and a half of my life. I know that it was a training exercise meant for the guys but it did a number on this fire wife too. I now have a whole new understanding of what it takes to be a firefighter’s wife and as scary and awful as that was I am even more proud to be one.